Grow your NOI and improve renter financial wellness
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Boom enables you to offer rent reporting with our BoomReport product to help your renters to build credit, improve your NOI, and bolster reputation and renter NPS

We’re building the future of financial wellness for renters

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Boom reports to all three major credit bureaus

Why Boom

BoomReport is the most affordable rent reporting product on the market, for both you and your renters

Help your renters improve their credit while improving on time payment by as much as 25% and increasing tenant retention

Boom reports to all 3 major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, TransUnion

Boom integrates with your property management software (or can be standalone if you don't use a software platform)

Launch in 1 day, with pre-made marketing creative and Boom taking care of the rest

How to get started with Boom for your portfolio


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Complete the contact form (link here), attend a demo, and then sign an partnership agreement. This can take as little as 1 day.


We work with you to ensure that Boom is integrated with your property management software.

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Boom provides the messaging content, with either you or Boom owning communications based on your preference.