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Can I edit my payment after I already scheduled it?


Yes! You will have 30 minutes after scheduling same day payments to edit or delete that payment.
If you schedule your payment for the future, you will have until 1am pacific standard time on the day your payment is scheduled for to edit your payment information.

Can I use Boom if my landlord wants a check?


Yes! This is Boom's primary function today. Boom helps you digitally send a physical check to your landlord. How it works in a nutshell: Download the app, select check as your landlord's payment method, and Boom will mail a physical check for you.

Can I use Boom if my landlord wants me to send them my rent with Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, or Zelle?


Right now, Boom does not integrate with Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle.

How do I see all my past payment transactions?


On the dashboard (home button), you will see the most recent upcoming, and two prior transactions by scrolling.

You can view all of your payment transaction history within the app. On your dashboard (home button), hit the "View all" button next to where it says Payment Activity.
Within Payment Activity, you will find any upcoming, as well as all prior transactions.

How does sending a check work with Boom?


When you send a check through Boom, the check is sent exactly as if you had sent or written it yourself. The check will have all the same elements you would expect: 1) amount, 2) Who to pay - "paid to" name, 3) your name, 4) your bank, 5) your account information on it.

Also, Boom never touches the money you send and is nowhere on the check itself. And, your money only leaves your account once your landlord cashes the check, exactly the same as if you sent it yourself.

How does the autopay feature work?


At the end of submitting a payment, you will be prompted to setup autopay, and then be able to select the start autopay month, the end autopay month, and the day each month you'd like your payment to arrive.

How does the Boom app work?


Boom allows renters to use a bank account, debit or credit card to pay their rent to ANY landlord. Renters will use Boom's app to pay their rent, and then Boom will make sure that the landlord will receive the payment the way the landlord wants.

- Example 1: If a renter wants to pay with a credit card, but your landlord wants a check, Boom sends the check for you.
- Example 2: If a landlord wants a check, a renter can connect their bank account with the app and Boom will send the check to the landlord for them.

This service right now is free for sending a check with your bank account, has a 3% fee for using credit and debit cards which is our cost for processing the credit or debit card. Over time we will be offering renters additional features within the app.

How will I know if my payment arrived to my landlord?


Boom uses standard USPS delivery estimates for arrival times. For mailing your check, we estimate that your payment will arrive in 5-7 business days from the time it's scheduled. Just like with a normal check you would send or write yourself, you will know that your check arrives when your landlord cashes it. For other types of payments, we will provide more details once they are enabled.

My landlord contacted me asking where my rent is - what do I do?


Payment activity in your app shows you the status of your payment. Take the following steps:
Check the status of your payment in the app.

- If the payment activity says "Processing" or "In Transit," then your payment is on it's way through the system.

- If it is passed the expected arrival date and the status still says "Processing" or "In Transit" please reach out to us and we can assist with locating your payment.

- If your payment says "In Transit", you can mention to your landlord that your payment is on your way.

- If for some reason your payment is still further delayed, upon contacting us, we will provide you formal documentation, with a timestamp of when and how you paid your rent to provide to your landlord for extra comfort.

It is very rare, but sometimes payments do get lost, just like they would if you were to send or mail the payment yourself. If your payment hasn't arrived more than 3 days after the expected arrival date, and we cannot locate it, we will provide you further documentation as needed, or can facilitate sending a new payment immediately at no cost to you.

Keep in mind, all payments are protected by Boom's Delivery Guarantee and you can reach us anytime by contacting us in chat,  by sms or by email regarding any payment.

What does a Boom check look like and how is my signature on the check created?


Above is an example of a placeholder check.
Our check-sending partner generates a digital signature for you on the check, so that won't be an issue.

What does my landlord need to do?



What makes Boom so easy is that your landlord receives their payment exactly the way they want it (you will tell us that information) regardless of how you want to pay.

What happens if my payment is late?


In most cases, nothing but get in touch if your payment is late and your landlord is reaching out. If they do, you are fully covered by Boom's Delivery Guarantee.

What is Boom's Delivery Guarantee?


Boom guarantees that:  
- If you send your check, and if it arrives later than the date we project it to arrive AND
If you are penalized with a late fee as a result from the landlordBoom will cover any late fees up to $200.

See full explanation of the guarantee here: https://www.boompay.app/legal.

What is Boom's rent reporting feature?


Boom can report your rent payments to different credit bureaus to build or boost your credit.

Check out www.boompay.app/boomreport for more information.


Can I report my old or prior lease if the lease is no longer active, valid and/or I’ve already moved out?


Yes. We can report any lease or valid agreement within the last 24 months, whether you are still living at that address, or whether that lease is active. If your lease has expired, but you are now living month to month at the same address with no formal renewal agreement, this information would also count.

Do I need to use the BoomPay app to qualify for BoomReport?


BoomReport offers two offerings currently: 1) Historical reporting - up to 24 months of historical rental data 2) Ongoing reporting - add your ongoing payments to your credit report
Today, you DO NOT need to use the app for historical reporting. You DO need to use the app for ongoing reporting.

Do I qualify to use BoomReport?


You only need three items to use BoomReport:
(1) a formal rental agreement within the past 24 months, (2) a qualifying landlord, and (3) a social security number

Does signing up affect my credit negatively?


Just signing up has no impact, positively or negatively on our score. Once we've confirmed all information provided, we would then report your payments. We rarely if ever expect to see a negative impact on your score. In almost all cases, we'd expect to see a positive impact from 10 - 100 points which can range depending on how many payments we submit, yoru current score, and how much credit you have outstanding.

How does this work if I have late payments?


Credit bureaus only consider payments late if they are 30 days or more late. So, if you had late fees but still paid within 30 days of your due date, we will still report this as on time.

We are required by our credit bureau partners to report continuous lease months back to the beginning of the lease. If you have multiple leases within the past 24 months, we suggest that you only report leases with 100% on-time payment rate.

How does this work with my landlord? When do you need to contact them?


If you have a copy of your rental agreement and pay your rent via check or digital method (e.g. online portal, PayPal, etc.), we do not need to involve your landlord.

If you pay by cash or money order, we'd likely need to contact your landlord to confirm your payments.

How far back can you report my rent payments? What about my upcoming / future payments?


You can report payments as far back as 24 months whether you are currently still in that address, still renting, have a renewed lease at the same address or other.

If you pay rent with the Boompay app, we can report your payments ongoing each month as well.

How fast will I see an impact on my credit score?


Approximately 15 days. Once you complete your BoomReport enrollment, your information will be verified within 24 hours if everything is in place. After that, we send your rent history to the credit bureaus every Friday. It takes the bureaus 10-14 calendar days to process the file, and once processed it takes ~48 hours to be reflected in your credit file

How much does BoomReport cost?


BoomReport costs the following:
- Historical reporting: 24 months of prior payments for a one-time $75 fee
- Ongoing reporting: $3 per month

Is BoomReport for me?


BoomReport is helpful for anyone who has rented within the past 24 months or is renting now and is looking to build or improve credit. BoomReport members typically see a credit score increase anywhere from 5 - 100 points, depending on the individual. It’s impossible to predict the exact impact, but generally the lower your credit score, the bigger the impact you’ll see.

What credit bureaus does BoomReport work with?


Boom currently works with Equifax.
It expects to work with Experian and TransUnion in the coming months.

What if I can’t connect or link my bank account?


If you can't connect your bank account, we may have two options:

- We can contact and confirm your payments with your landlord.
- Circumstances dependent, we may be able to use your manual bank statements or another method.

If you cannot find your bank to link in our partner Plaid's system,  please contact us via chat and let us know that you cannot find your bank and tell us the name of your banking institution.

Note: We have found that in some cases, some small credit unions or community banks may not be present.

Chat or email us if any other questions around this.

What if I don’t have a copy of my lease?


Providing a copy of your lease or agreement is the quickest and easiest way to complete your application. If you don't have a copy of your lease, we recommend the following:

- Contacting your landlord and asking them if they have a digital copy they can send you.

- Asking a roommate or spouse if they have a copy

- Searching your email inbox for a digital copy that you may not remember you have.

If you still cannot find a copy, we may be able to use a utility bill, internet bill or other type of document that shows your address to verify your residence AND we may have to contact your landlord to verify your payment and tenancy information.

What if I paid my rent with different methods over the course of my lease?


When filling out your BoomReport application, you can select the multiple methods you have paid with. We will contact you after you complete your application if any clarifying information is needed.

What impact will reporting rent have on my score?


We are upfront that it is hard to be definitive on the exact impact reporting your rent will have as there are MANY factors that go into this calculation that are specific to your credit profile.

As a general rule of thumb, we expect that for those with credit lower than 700, we'd expect the impact to be greater than those with credit above 700. If you have no credit, this is a way to build a credit tradeline easily, without accumulating debt to do so.

We have seen that the average score increase is ˜30-40 points, and in many cases, it can be as high as 100 points. For those with a higher credit score or a more complicated credit profile overall, the increase may be closer to 10-20 points if at all.

The way you should think about Boom's reporting service is that the likelihood of an increase or impact is high, however, you are paying for the chance to earn the credit you deserve to maximize your score, regardless of whether the potential impact is a 10 or 100 point increase.

What is a qualified landlord?


A qualified landlord is a non-family member private individual, a landlord company, a property management company that manages properties on behalf of an individual or landlord company.

Subleases are also valid in most cases as long as the landlord on the underlying lease or agreement satisfies one of the above conditions.

What is considered a formal rental agreement?


A formal rental agreement is a lease, sublease, roommate agreement, or other legal document that shows the amount, the start and end date of your term, your address and who you are renting from.

Note: Keep in mind, that an agreement with a family member that also lives in the same house or apartment unit as you is likely not valid (i.e. you are renting a room in the same house as your mother, father, uncle, brother etc…).

Privacy, data & General

How do I delete my account?


Email us at hello@boompay.app with the following information:

- Subject: Delete My User Account
- Body: Please delete the account for [Enter Your Name], with the phone number [Enter Your Phone Number].

We will delete your account within 72 hours and you will receive a confirmation email once we do.

How does Boom protect my personal information and data?


Boom only collects and stores data necessary to conduct it's business and deliver it's payment and credit reporting service to our users. Most sensitive information like payment account information is stored with our partners like Plaid and Stripe which are bank-grade, highly-encrypted services and work to perform the same function with Boom that they do for companies like Paypal, Robinhood, Coinbase, Venmo, Acorns, Chime and more.

For a complete explanation on how Boom stores and uses data, reference our privacy policy at boompay.app/legal.

What do I do if I forgot my account username, phone number or password?


Email us at hello@boompay.app or contact us on chat and we will reset your account or provide you the relevant information after verifying some details.

If you don't find an answer to your question, chat us at the widget at bottom right of this screen, or email us at hello@boompay.app