Register your rental unit, landlord and renter each get $250

Boom is a free app that enables renters to pay with a bank account, debit card or credit card, and landlord receives a check.

Register your apartment, get $250

How promotion sign up works


Click the pink button above to verify your rental unit (landlord or renter)

Either landlord or renter can complete the enrollment. Don’t have a rental application? No problem, we’ll provide a template. Family members renting to family members are not eligible.

Complete the Lease Amendment

We email the renter and landlord a Boom Lease Amendment making a Boom a payment option. Here is the template.

Renter makes at lease 1 rent payment with the Boom app

If renter is a Boom user and has previously made a payment, no additional payments are required.

Boom sends your $500 promotion bonus ($250 each)

We send the renter and landlord $250 each via PayPal immediately after the first rent payment processes.

Have questions?

Why are you running this promotion?


To date, we have been directly serving renters. We want to increasingly serve landlords to determine how we can make the Boom experience beneficial for them as well as renters.

Who should fill this out - the renter or the landlord?


Either! We recommend discussing with the other party for sake of awareness. Additionally, upon hitting 'Submit', we will email both renter and landlord a prepared Lease Amendment to sign. Your registration will not be complete until we receive signatures from both parties.

Can I use a lease that has already completed (i.e. renter has moved out)?


Yes, but only under the following conditions: (1) you used Boom at least once since October 1, 2020 (when we launched the Boom app), and (2) you agree to a 15-minute product feedback call.

What if the renter stops paying with the Boom app?


That would be unfortunate, but our Lease Amendment only requires that you offer Boom as a primary payment solution. After you make your first payment with Boom, if you or your renter stop using the Boom app, we will not attempt to claw back the promotion bonus.

What if I'm about to sign a new lease (I don't have a current one)?


No problem! Reach out to us at and we'll get you set up. The promotion offer of $250 each (landlord and renter) stands, and the process will be nearly the same.

Where can I find the Terms & Conditions for this promotion?


Go to Legal and view our 'Boom Terms of Use' and then go to the 'Boom Offers' section.

Why do you need both a rental application and a lease agreement?


Given the size of the promotion, we want to ensure we are working with real landlords and so want to protect against fraud.

What if I don't have a rental application?


That's okay. We just ask that you submitted a backdated version. We'll send you a template.

What if I pay rent to my roommate?


That's fine, but we need the primary lease agreement with the landlord (property owner or property management company) and your rental application. A sub-agreement with your friend is not sufficient.

What if my landlord is an independent (small 'mom and pop') landlord?


No problem. Boom works with all types of landlords and property managers.

If my rental application has items like Social Security Number, past employer, past landlord, etc., will you contact them and what about any sensitive information?


Please mask your Social Security Number (leave last 4 digits visible) and your Date of Birth (please leave YEAR). We will never contact your past or current landlords or employers. Your lease and rental application will be deleted within 2 weeks of verification. We follow GDPR guidelines.

What does the Lease Amendment look like?


Here's a copy of the template. Simple and straightforward!

Other questions? Please reach out!