At Boom, our goal is to make housing more flexible, affordable, and rewarding.

Boom was started in late 2020 as one of our co-founders, Rob Whiting, helped two of his family members navigate housing instability due to COVID-19-related job loss. During this time, he saw just how archaic and difficult renting remains for the majority of the 110 million renters in the US like his family members. And the rent payment is at the center of this.
Not only has rent increased >4x faster than income for the majority of renters since the early 2000s, but the tools available to renters and landlords alike has similarly stagnated. Rent remains one large lump sum, with no additional benefits on top of paying rent - a fact that can make renting feel like money down the drain.

At Boom, we believe that housing can be more flexible, affordable, and rewarding. We’ve started by enabling you to build credit with the rent payments you already make.

This is only the beginning. We WOULD be thrilled if you’d join us.



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