Boom Integrates with Your Property Management System

Automate rent reporting, resident enrollment, and more with a PMS integration.

Boom reports
to all 3 bureaus

So that you get the maximum credit impact.


What property management systems does Boom integrate with?

Boom currently integrates with AppFolio, Buildium, Entrata, RentManager, ResMan, Yardi. If your PMS isn’t on the list, don’t worry—we are constantly working on adding new integrations, reach out to the Boom team to learn more. Additionally, any property manager can use a standard flat file (.csv) upload process for rent reporting that doesn’t require a PMS integration.

How long does it take to integrate?

Generally, integrations can take as little as 24 hours to set up. In more complex situations (depending on data quality and other factors), an integration make take up to three days to complete.

How much does it cost to integrate my PMS with Boom?

There is no additional cost to integrate with the Boom Partner Platform. However, you will need to Create an Account and set up a contract to get started.

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Why Boom?

Boom is flexible enough to meet your rent reporting goals and have your residents set up within hours, rather than weeks or months, to build resident credit, drive on-time payments, and grow ancillary revenues of most property managers.


Direct integration between your property management software and Boom means reporting rent payments in hours with only a few clicks every month.


At only $2/month or less, Boom is the most cost-effective rent reporting company on the market due to its focus on technology with no implementation or annual recurring fees.

Partner platform

Transparency and visibility into tenant credit impact metrics via Boom's Partner Platform with real-time data and a customizable credit impact dashboard.

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Create an account and report rent for your residents within 24 hours.