Build credit with your rent payments using BoomReport

Report past rent payments and see your score increase an average of 40 points in 10 days.

Credit when you need it fast

Reporting your past payments takes as few as 7 minutes

7 minutes

to enroll

10 days

to credit change

Achieve your next financial objective

BoomReport can help you save interest on major loans and pass screenings and applications that use credit score.

Establishing credit

Reporting rent payments can help consumers who are ‘thin file’ or ‘no file’ start to establish credit.

Car loan

Auto loans are one of the most common objectives of renters who use BoomReport.

Credit card

If you’re looking to make the transition from pre-paid to secured credit card, rent reporting can help you pass the application screening.


A high credit score can make the difference between whether homeownership is attainable. Rent reporting is used by some lenders.

Rental screening

Along with your income and criminal history, your credit score is a critical variable landlords look at.

Personal loan

Credit score is a key variable that lenders consider for short-term personal and installment loans.

Simple, affordable pricing

The most affordable pricing in the industry.

To enroll and report past payments

Includes reporting up to
24 months of past rental history.
Optional after enrollment

To report ongoing payments

Pay your rent with Boom and we will
report your ongoing rent payments.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Notify us within 3 days of your credit report being updated for a full refund.

Personal credit specialist

Available by phone and chat to walk you through your score and what to expect.

Free credit score

We provide free before and after credit scores so you can see the BoomReport impact.

No hard credit pull

Enrolling never requires a hard pull that could negatively impact your credit.

See what our members
are saying

I’m new to credit so it feels really good seeing that I’m safely increasing my score
- Laurell W
Great Experience! We were able to get approved for house after 3 months of reporting with Boom. Wish someone coulda told us about this years ago! Definitely worth the investment
- Desirae A'ly
Highly recommend them! I was trying to get my new car and my cousin recommended them to get a better loan. My score has shot up 🙂 Great  people to work w as well!
- Alisia Morris
I started using boom 3 months ago and my score is already up 48 points. Customer service is great too!
- Cody Larson

You might be wondering

Is BoomReport for me?

BoomReport is helpful for anyone who has rented within the past 24 months or is renting now and is looking to build or improve credit. BoomReport members typically see a credit score increase anywhere from 5 - 100 points, depending on the individual. It’s impossible to predict the exact impact, but generally the lower your credit score, the bigger the impact you’ll see...

How fast will I see an impact on my credit score?

Approximately 10 days. Once you complete your BoomReport enrollment, your information will be verified within 24 hours if everything is in place. After that, we send your rent history to the credit bureaus every Friday. It takes the bureaus 10-14 calendar days to process the file, and once processed it takes ~48 hours to be reflected in your credit file

Do I qualify to use BoomReport?

You only need two things to use BoomRepot: (1) a valid rental agreement within the past 24 months or we can verify with your landlord and (2) a social security number

How does this work with my landlord?

If you have a copy of your rental agreement and pay your rent via check or digital method (e.g. online portal, PayPal, etc.), we do not need to involve your landlord

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