Rent Reporting
as a Service

Modern APIs for property management software platforms and payment gateways

Report rent payment data to

Built for System of
Record companies

Boom's Rent Reporting as a Service is best fit for system of record (SoR) companies that serve
as the source of truth for lease data and rent payment data

Property Management Software (PMS)

Platforms that hold the lease, receive and process rent payments, and execute other core functions such as maintenance

Rent payment gateways

Due to Boom’s robust credit bureau integrations and tradeline verification, you'll attain 99%+ reporting accuracy, meaning better customer experience and higher credit impact for your tenants



Lease signing

Encourage users to enroll in rent reporting by inserting a toggle in your lease signing process, allowing users to opt in (or opt out) by default.


rent payment page

Enable users to enroll in rent reporting after the lease signing process by adding an option on the rent payment page or module.


consumer tracking

Create a management dashboard to allow your users to track their rent payment statuses and manage their account.

Our advantage

We built the rent reporting infrastructure we wished had existed

Before Boom, any company that wanted to report rental data had 2 bad options. You either had to spend many months or years figuring it out, or work through expensive and inaccurate 3rd party vendors. You might even be talking to these vendors now. These vendors typically require you to manually pass CSVs back and forth (no APIs), have no feedback loops on either data verification or furnishment, and are even slower than initially meets the eye. They'll often ask you to share user data in clunky and unsecured ways such as via email to troubleshoot errors in a one-by-one fashion.

One of the biggest things these companies get wrong is that they do not store what data was previously furnished for a given consumer. It is not simple enough to take data and transpose it to Metro 2; rather, data must be validated and checked against prior furnishments to ensure the data logically tracks. Without doing this, and combined with theses companies’ manual processes, you'll inevitably find yourself with data issues and headaches for you, the credit bureaus, and the consumer.

We know this, because we used them until we got fed up with the issues.

Boom's Rent Reporting as a Service (RRaaS) changes all that. We spent the last two years building rent reporting from the ground up. We've stripped out all 3rd party data processors and have built rent reporting as code. That means data validation, Metro 2 generation and furnishment, and error detection and handling are built in software end to end with direct integrations with all 3 credit bureaus. On top of all this we've added dispute handling so you remain compliant and responsive to your customers.

Perhaps most importantly: We eat our own dogfood. Unlike other platforms, we are fully aligned with you to deliver the best rent reporting service because if we get it wrong, our own users suffer, as do the our App Store and Play Store ratings.

Rent reporting is complex.
Boom simplifies it.

Boom compresses multiple layers of complexity into a simple API
and user-facing dashboard, combined with responsive customer support.

Data ingestion & verification

Validate data for formatting and rental logic (i.e. prior data submitted)

Adapt to rent reporting-specific data verification and requirements

Recognize returning users and potentially duplicate users and tradelines

Metro 2 CREATION & furnishment

Programmatically generate Metro 2 files

Adapt to all Metro 2 formatting changes required by each bureau

Furnish to all 3 credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, TransUnion

99.99%+ furnishment uptime

Closed loop tradeline 'read' verification after furnishment for accuracy

Furnishment outcome statistics provided (open, closed, not found)

Data updates

Detect data changes from your system, trigger updates automatically

Proactively re-open or close tradelines when bureau and core system data is not synced

Dispute handling & support

Manage credit disputes across all 3 credit bureaus

Responsive and helpful support for you and your users

Compliance & audit HANDLING

Handle all credit bureau audits, so you don't have to

Manage and stay up to date with all FCRA requirements

Why boom

Boom is the only rent reporting company with true technical
differentiation that gives you the flexibility and simplicity you want.

We eat our own dogfood

We're users of our own product. As a result, we’re accountable to our App Store rating, and are immediately aware of any issues and product opportunities.

Full payment type flexibility

Report on-time payments only, or also allow for delinquency reporting. Report both ongoing and past payments, up to 24 months of history.


Boom enables you to add the name of your company (PMS software) to the rental tradeline on a consumer's credit report, increasing your brand awareness.


Get reports and visibility on which users are being furnished for which property managers, as well as track credit score improvements.

Tri-bureau reporting

We're a leading rental data furnisher with all 3 bureaus. Buyer beware on other companies: Many companies say they report to all 3 bureaus but do not.

White-labelled experiences

Boom gives you full control of how to implement rent reporting in your product, including the user-facing UI, product offering, and pricing.


Boom is the only company that 'checks its work' with our Tradeline Verification syncing feature, ensuring the highest data furnishment accuracy.

Leading technical option

First to market with API-driven rent reporting. If you're looking for something your developers will love, Boom is the right fit.


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