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Boom Announces Integration with Buildium

Rob Whiting
Feb 5, 2024
Boom Team

Property managers using Buildium can help build renter credit, drive on-time payments, and grow ancillary revenue using Boom 

AUSTIN, TX – February 5, 2024 - Today, Boom announced their integration with Buildium to allow property managers to effortlessly report rent payments to all three major credit bureaus—Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion—with just two clicks.

Boom’s integration with Buildium streamlines the rent reporting process, enabling property managers to enroll renters swiftly and automatically report monthly rent payments. Managers can choose between on-time only payment reporting or full file reporting (on-time and delinquent payments). 

Addressing concerns about existing solutions, Boom resolves the challenge of property management teams being unaware of reported renters. Boom’s internal software platform utilizes Buildium data, boosting reporting accuracy eliminating manual work. Property managers gain access to a comprehensive dashboard offering real-time ESG-reporting data, including resident credit score impacts. Additionally, Boom provides renters access to a user-friendly resident app (available on Android and iOS) for managing rent reporting, monitoring credit impact, and accessing customer support.

This announcement comes five months after the release of Boom for Property Managers, the industry's first software purpose-built for rent reporting.

“At Boom, we are continuously expanding our integrations to make seamless rent reporting accessible to property managers no matter what property management software they use. Our integration with Buildium is no exception,” said Rob Whiting, CEO and Co-founder of Boom. “Once integrated, property managers will get access to a simple and transparent rent reporting solution that grows ancillary revenue while also providing an elevated resident experience. Reporting and verifying rent payments doesn’t need to require tedious implementation processes and manual work month after month—Boom’s integration with Buildium is set up in one day and unlocks the full potential of rent reporting to benefit both property managers and residents.”

"Working with Boom to report the rent payments for our renters has been excellent and an impactful benefit to our members. Onboarding with Boom was a breeze and Boom's team has been communicative and helpful along the way," said Maxi De Maio of Homeroom (YC W22). "Boom's Buildium integration has helped us dramatically simplify and improve the way we report rent payments to the credit bureaus."

Due to its technical capabilities and flexibility, Boom presents the market's most cost-effective rent reporting solution. The usage-based pricing model, with no bulky annual platform fee, ensures that property managers only pay for enrolled renters, aligning with the dynamic needs of landlords and property managers.

For more information and to commence reporting rent payments today, please visit Boom x Buildium or contact 

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