Foxen VS. BOOM

Interested in offering rent reporting to your residents? Boom is a pioneer for streamlined, tri-bureau reporting with a price point that’s a fraction of the cost of Foxen.


Boom is the first end-to-end software platform for property managers of any size to report rent payments to all three bureaus—Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.



Despite being a well-known player in rent reporting, Esusu over promises and under delivers on usability, data accuracy, and tri-bureau reporting.



Foxen’s rent reporting service is a recent add on to their renters insurance offering. As a newcomer to the industry, their product is less comprehensive and more expensive than Boom’s.


Boom is the first end-to-end software platform for property managers of any size to report rent payments to all three bureaus—Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Let’s get into the details …

Here’s how Boom’s features and benefits stack up against Foxen’s rent reporting offering
Cost Per User
(decreases with scale)
Renter App Rating (iOS, Android)
Renter App Reviews (iOS, Android)
On-Time Only Payment Reporting
Full-File Payment Reporting
Option to Make Lease Requirement
Resident App (iOS, Android)
Property Management Portal
Real-time Impact Reporting
Credit Report Tradeline Verification
*With no negative impact for missed payment
Disclaimer: All information was last verified on January 20, 2024. 

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Why are property managers choosing Boom over Foxen?

Tri-Bureau Reporting

Reporting to all three credit bureaus is important, and Boom, a furnisher to Experian, Equifax and TransUnion for years, delivers on this point. As a newer rent reporting service, Foxen only reports to two bureaus.

No-Nonsense Pricing

Boom’s pricing is straightforward—only pay for enrolled residents (or pass on the cost to them). Compared to Boom, Foxen charges 3x more per user per month—a significant difference that adds up quickly.

Direct PMS Integrations

Boom has the broadest and deepest integration coverage with property management systems. Once integrated, payment and verification workflows can be further simplified with automations—no manual spreadsheet uploads involved!

Full Visibility + Control

Boom’s Partner Platform gives property managers visibility into enrolled renters and ability to verify payments seamlessly. Boom’s Reporting Dashboard measures key impact metrics, like residents’ credit score changes, in real time.

Real Resident Impact

On average, Boom users that pay rent on time see a 28 point increase to their credit score in 2 weeks–a real impact that makes rent truly rewarding. Property managers can track their residents’ credit score changes via Boom’s real-time Impact Reporting Dashboard.

Not entirely convinced?
You may be wondering …

I’m already a Foxen user for their insurance product, why not just add this on?

Foxen’s rent reporting service, Rentistry, has a number of limitations, namely, they only offer full-file reporting (which isn’t a true benefit to residents), they only report rental payments once a month (Boom furnishes weekly), they only report to two bureaus (Boom reports to all three—Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion), and their price per user is 3X more than Boom. If you want a rent reporting service that is a true benefit and offers real impact for your residents, choose Boom.

Isn’t Foxen well known in the PropTech industry?

Yes, for their renters insurance. However, their rent reporting solution, Rentistry, was only launched in 2023. As a result, when comparing the two, Boom has a more comprehensive platform, a more experienced team, and a less expensive pricing structure.

Don’t just take our word for it.

“Boom's rent reporting has been a great addition to our offering at Burgan. And the engagement and responsiveness has been A+, from initial onboarding to ongoing support. It's clear that the Boom team is really invested in making sure this is successful for us. Strongly recommend Boom!”


Owner @ Burgan Real Estate

“Reporting rent payments with Boom’s partner portal is so fast and simple! It takes less than 5 minutes of my time each month, and APS is able to help improve credit outcomes with all 3 credit bureaus for our residents. This service will continue to be a core amenity for our residents.”

Leilani K

Administrative Assistant @ Advanced Property Systems

Current Foxen user? Don’t want to go through another onboarding?

We get it! We’ve made the process of switching rent reporting services seamless—all we need is the current rent roll and the contact at the previous furnisher. That’s it, the process takes less than two weeks and Boom will handle everything including:

Resident communications regarding the switch

Switching the furnisher of record with the credit bureaus

Coordination with the prior furnisher

Ready to implement affordable, flexible, and accurate rent reporting?

The Boom team is here to help you every step of the way.