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What is a Junior 4 Apartment?

Rob Whiting
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What You Need to Know About Junior-4 Apartments

In a place such as New York City, finding an apartment can be a challenge because of the confusing terminology! Since there is no “set definition” when it comes to different types of apartments, real estate agents and apartment owners have a lot of leeways when it comes to putting up ads.

Case in point: the NYC definition of a duplex apartment is markedly different from the definition you would find in other states. In fact, there are times when the only way that you can determine the actual type of apartment you plan to rent is by making a personal visit or getting a virtual tour.

Another type of apartment that is commonly mislabeled is the junior 4 apartment. There are times when you would find them listed as a two-bedroom apartment because the extra space can serve as a bedroom.

So, what exactly is a junior 4 apartment? Let’s find out!

What is a Junior-4 Apartment?

A junior 4 apartment is a unit that has a single walled-off sleeping space and a large alcove with an open floor plan. This large alcove is typically divided into the kitchen, living room, and dining area. What makes a junior-4 unique is that the floor plan allows for a small alcove to be partitioned off to create another room.

This additional room is usually smaller compared to the rest of the space in the apartment. The added space is typically adjacent to the kitchen and since it is not part of the brick-and-mortar layout of the unit, it does not have space for windows and a door. According to NYC state housing regulations, this means that it cannot be classified as a second bedroom on ads.

Spare Room Ideas

One of the best things about renting a junior 4 apartment is that you have a lot of freedom when it comes to using the spare room. Depending on your needs, here are some great ways on how you can use the extra space.

Second Bedroom

Of course, the most obvious way to use the space room is by making it into a second bedroom. This is an ideal situation if you’re living with a roommate that’s on the road a lot or if you regularly have guests over. However, keep in mind that since the extra room doesn’t have a door or windows and it has limited space, it can be somewhat uncomfortable for the person who will be sleeping there.


A home office is a great idea even if you are not a remote worker. Having a separate place in your home that’s designated specifically for work allows you to get into a more organized frame of mind for any project. If you have any work that you need to take home, you’ll also have space where you can finish it without being disturbed.

Home Gym

Gym fees are expensive, so why not invest in some gym equipment for your home? When outfitted properly, a home gym can be effective and worth the money. A small treadmill, some weights, and an exercise ball will go a long way.

Creative Room

Whether you’re into painting, sewing, or other arts and crafts, having a creative room in your apartment is a great option. Not only will you have a quiet and private space where you can let your muse run wild, but you can also keep your apartment neat since all your equipment and tools will be stored in one place.

Benefits of a Junior-4 Apartment

More Affordable

When compared to two-bedroom apartments, junior 4 units are usually cheaper. If you like the idea of having a second sleeping area but find that a two-bedroom is out of your budget, you can opt for a junior-4 instead.


Since the smaller room isn’t necessarily made to be used as a bedroom, this extra space offers you the freedom to use it according to your needs. Whether you choose to make it into a guest bedroom or your home office, the fourth room can be used for a variety of purposes.

What to Consider with a Junior-4 Apartment

The “Better Room” Situation

If you’re planning to rent a junior 4 with a roommate, make sure to have a straightforward talk about your living situation. In the case of a second small bedroom, there will be someone who will get the “better bedroom”, so it’s better to have an honest talk about the living arrangements instead of the situation becoming awkward in the future.

You Might Need to Visit the Space Personally

As mentioned earlier, listings can be misleading, and the apartment that was advertised as a two-bedroom might be a junior-4. If you’re looking for a genuine two-bedroom apartment, it might not be what you have in mind.

Is a Junior-4 Right for Me?

The great thing about junior 4 apartments in NYC is that you can find one virtually anywhere in the city. Whether you want to live in Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn, there is a good chance that you will find an available junior 4 unit. Of course, the price of the unit will vary depending on the location in the city. Junior 4 apartments in Manhattan will be pricier compared to those located in Queens.

For small families, couples, and singles, a junior-4 is an ideal housing option because of its affordability and the additional space.

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