Best LGBTQ+ Neighborhoods in New York

Rob Whiting
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Thinking about moving to the Big Apple? You're probably one of the thousands who's considering it. You might have already had a date set in mind, just happened to be contemplating about leaving behind your current life, or maybe living in New York City has been a longstanding dream that you’d want to turn to reality.

New York City, or NYC, has often been described as the financial, cultural, and media center globally with a significant influence on entertainment, commerce, politics, tourism, fashion, research, architecture, and the most photographed city in the world. Not only that but it is also considered as one of the safest cities in the world which is impressive given that it is the most populous and densely populated city in the United States. It is a hub of cultural diversity and ethnic acceptance, as well as a hearth of innovation and creativity.

However, moving to NYC is a tough thing and a major life decision, so that’s probably why you came across this article. But don’t worry for you’ve come to the right place! Here are the best New York City neighborhoods for queer people.

What are the Best LGBTQ+ Neighborhoods in New York?

  • Central Harlem
  • Crown Heights
  • Park Slope
  • Bushwick
  • Hell’s Kitchen

Central Harlem

(Average monthly rent: $ 2,050 for a 1-bedroom apartment)

What Vibe Will You Find?

Ever since the Harlem Renaissance – a period when the neighborhood became the center for creative development – it has been known as the Black Mecca of the world, but it is also now the home for many other kinds of social groups. It is also generally lively year-round with people staying out and cooking BBQs on the block during summers and enjoying the landmarks situated in the area. You can also find reasonably-priced apartments here, since Harlem is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Great Things to Do

Many of the row homes are stunning and the place offers good scenes food and music-wise. It is equidistant between quality and affordable markets such as Best Market and Whole Foods. If you like going out, you can have fun with the plenty of high-rated restaurants and clubs around or travel using the transportation hubs surrounding the neighborhood.

Crown Heights

(Average monthly rent: $ 2,050 for a 1-bedroom apartment)

What Vibe Will You Find?

Many people consider Crown Heights as a positive and friendly area, even for visibly non-gender conforming people. With a younger (and hipper) demographic, residents that stayed in the neighborhood like to be friendly and make healthy relationships with newer residents.

Great Things to Do

The place is an ideal one because it’s a great thing to have a parking area and other buildings like the Brooklyn Museum and Botanical Gardens nearby. It’s less expensive than other neighborhoods but still offers great foods and a diverse community.

Park Slope

(Average monthly rent: $ 2,600 for a 1-bedroom apartment)

What Vibe Will You Find?

In addition to being a great place for couples with children, Park Slope also has many of the city’s same-sex couples (female same-sex couples, particularly). Compared to the standards of the more expensive neighborhoods in NYC, this area can be considered a down-to-earth, relaxed place with a myriad of playgrounds and cafes

Great Things to Do

Locals and visitors alike can enjoy everyday life everywhere from picnicking at the lovely Prospect Park, dancing at Xstasy Night Club, or singing at the jukebox at Commonwealth Bar. You also wouldn’t want to miss out on fabulous dining restaurants or the wide variety of live shows at branded Saloon.


(Average monthly rent: $ 2,662 for a 1-bedroom apartment)

What Vibe Will You Find?

Another of the more diverse places, Bushwick boasts of a lot of stores, restaurants, and art. There are a lot of support groups available to the residents, community events, parades, and theater productions. This place has positively progressed for the past few decades and is now a popular choice for a mix of edgy, hip, young people and lifelong NYC residents.

Great Things to Do

Many people stay in stylish clubs at night for an energetic nightlife scene and gather at the all-inclusive gender-fluid boutique called the Rack Shack. You can also catch drag shows and arts performances at 3 Dollar Bill or just chill in lounges and restaurants located in the neighborhood.

Hell’s Kitchen

(Average monthly rent: $ 3,875 for a 1-bedroom apartment)

What Vibe Will You Find?

With an abundance of entertainment and dining choices, Hell’s Kitchen is one of the hotspots in Manhattan, NYC where one can also enjoy deliciously randy weekend brunches in the neighborhood. However, the huge cluster of young people, composed mostly of professionals, moving in the area led to an increase in the cost of living, but if you choose to live in this neighborhood, you're in for a dynamic and high-spirited life.

Great Things to Do

The area is conveniently adjacent to the Theater District, a famous place for staging Broadway musicals or plays weekly. Weekends and nightlife are also very lively and popular in saloons whether you want to live your day to the fullest or just winding down after a long night of dancing


Great LGBTQ+ Events to Include in Your Plans

If you love San Francisco’s Pride March and you’re looking for its counterpart on the East Coast, look no further than NYC! NYC Pride, an annual celebration that also occurs during June, celebrates New York’s LGBTQ+ community and their allies.

Is New York a Gay-Friendly City?

In New York City, undoubtedly most, if not all, places are gay-friendly. There’s a reason why this is the home to the United States’ largest LGBTQ population and a popular choice for LGBTQ travelers. The fact that it’s pretty common to see a healthy number of LGBTQ people and couples on the street means that many of those people also feel comfortable and safe enough to be welcomed in NYC’s dazzling, out-and-proud atmosphere.

Lastly, no other place in the country probably holds as much historical and cultural significance as NYC for its famous role during the gay liberation movement during the latter part of the 20th century. So, you won’t need to worry much for it’s one of the most pro-gay cities in the US.

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