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Tips for getting to know your new city

Rob Whiting
Boom Team

A decision to move to another city or even across the country takes courage and bravery. For those who decide to move alone, it can be an intimidating process to get to know your new city. It is a fact that the cities we live in shape us and affect our personality. In a survey conducted in 2017 by Surrey University, an astonishing 67% of young adults reported that the place they lived shaped who they are. With this in mind, why not equip yourself with the right tips to explore your new city and get to know it like a local that you are soon going to become!

Run, bike, walk around

Staying physically active will not only boost your energy level and keep you healthy, but it can also be an incredible way to get familiar with the different neighborhoods, discover hidden gems of your new city and map out the places you wish to revisit. Being outdoors while doing your favorite fitness activity is a great way to get to know the local culture and even make friends with those who share similar interests as you.

Meet your neighbors

Don't hesitate to introduce yourself to your new neighbors. It is less and less common nowadays but it is a good way to make new friendships. A simple hello can go a long way!

Talk to the locals

Whether it is your bartender, barista, waiter, or Uber driver, don’t be shy to ask questions about their favorite places in the city and insights into local life. Spending time out and about will most likely provide you with amazing opportunities for social interaction with the locals and create meaningful friendships in the future.

Two friends exploring a new city

Visiting “Tourist-y spots” is not always a great idea, use Jack and Ferdi app

Although it’s only normal to stumble upon the most prominent spots in the city when doing your research, it’s really helpful to have an app you can rely on and save your time and energy for actually experiencing the city you have just move to - Jack and Ferdi is an app that offers a list of 200 cities around the world whose content is uniquely curated by the locals - from a list of restaurants that might not be the most popular places among the tourists to hidden sightseeing gems, meditation spots, 120 min itineraries and useful data on health, safety, transportation, and local culture. For those in search of great co-working spaces, tips on the local culture, and even local charities to support, Jack and Ferdi offer valuable content and resources to help you understand the local customs.

Save your favorite locations

Mapstr is probably the best way to create your lists of places to go and discover your friends’ favorite spots. You can easily “flag” your favorite boutiques, bars, restaurants, or sightseeing spots. You can choose to share the places that you want to share, and to whom you want.

Get involved in the community life

Use Meet Up for socializing - Partaking in local events, workshops, concerts and festivals can be an incredible way of getting to know the city and people who share similar interests as you. Meet Up helps you connect with the local groups and communities for, well, just about anything - passion for photography, language learning, art, entrepreneurship, different sports activities, etc. Meetup also provides an option to “host” networking events and some of them are completely free!

Learn the Culture

If you are moving to a foreign city, it can be useful to learn local manners to avoid faux pas and fun facts to use as icebreakers. Watch movies, read books rooted in the city. That will help you connect with locals!

Get lost and wander

Having a map on hand and knowing the route of the neighborhood can be useful, especially for those who might feel less adventurous. However, it is almost guaranteed that the greatest experiences happen when you make a little detour and decide to wander around and absorb the beauty of the city. Oftentimes we discover a special charm of the city and witness local customs in small, secluded areas that are not included in the guidebooks or have amazing reviews on platforms.

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