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The UK Student Accommodation Guide

Rob Whiting
Boom Team

The United Kingdom is widely regarded all over the world for its remarkable education facilities. Four out of ten of the world's best universities are located in the UK. Studying in the UK is nothing short of a life-changing experience for students. Apart from a grand academic life, students can also bask themselves in their glorious culture, history, and art. And if you're a soccer fan, you'd relish your time in the country even more.

You're sure to be filled with dual emotions of excitement and nervousness, and it's pretty normal, to be honest. After all, it's not every day that you've to move far away from your family to a foreign land to try and secure your future. Maintaining good academic results was stressful enough in the first place, and now the thought of being without your family might make you more anxious. It can also hamper your studies. You may have many questions, 'what are my best options to stay?'. 'where shall I live?', etc. etc. etc. But, don't worry. We've got you covered.

Here's a list of few options to choose from as a student in the United Kingdom.

University Halls

Naturally, first-year students prefer to live in university dorms. To say- it's the right choice or not isn't up to me. But, it definitely has its perks. It can be a comfortable stay as you'd be living inside the campus (some university halls may not be located inside; it can be located in some pleasantly commutable region of the city), making it simpler to get to the class, library, sports club, etc.

Living in college hostels in the UK for the first time away from family will also prepare you for life in private accommodation when you choose to go for it. You'll enjoy considerable independence, and also don't have to worry about utility and bills. While most uni halls provide meals, some don't; so you'll have to fend for yourself. You'll also get to meet and befriend people from different cultural backgrounds. And maybe have to share your room with any of them. It depends on the fees, as students who cannot afford a single room usually prefer to share.


Homesickness is a natural feeling for any of us when we're drifting away from home. The warmth of family is an unparalleled feeling that only a few can match. The only way you'll feel that warmth in a foreign land is by being with another family. And homestays provide you with this surreal opportunity.

Homestays can be a pleasant stay, especially if the family you're residing with has previous experience of receiving students as paying guests. You won't have to worry about meals, laundry, and other bills because your rent will cover up everything.

Living with a local family will help you enrich your knowledge of their culture, language, and customs. You might also make some valuable contacts in society through them. Although being with a family also means there will be specific rules and regulations you might have to follow. It might get challenging at first, but with proper communication & discipline, you're bound to have a memorable stay.


Private Student Accommodation

Private student halls in the UK are the more advanced and independent counterpart of university halls. Usually, students prefer staying in a batch of two or three, sharing their kitchen and bathroom. But, it totally depends on your comfortability and budget. If you prefer being all by yourself and you've got the required aids- you can rent a lavish studio without bothering about sharing your personal space with another soul.

Private student accommodations mostly reside at a suitable location- nearby universities and public transport facilities. Most student accommodations are facilitated with good WiFi, gym, cinema rooms, game rooms, etc. Numerous private accommodations in the UK also orchestrate year-round parties and events, where you can meet new people and form new bonds; some may even last a lifetime. Although convenient, private student properties can often turn out to be expensive. You may as well come across a sketchy flatmate, and the neighborhood can get a bit loud as well.

Nevertheless, anywhere you stay, you've to look after yourself and adapt accordingly. Your residence choice will also shape your character as you learn to deal with different things in different ways. And if something grows intolerable- you can always shuffle your options.


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