Introducing the Boom SDK

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Easy integration across various settings

The Boom SDK integrates beautifully for nearly any type of partner

Fintech companies

Add a way for your users to build their credit, increase engagement, or use Boom as a ‘hook’ activate signups as you build a financial hub for your users.

Proptech companies

Differentiate your product by adding native features that strengthen your offering for stakeholders across the entire real estate value chain.

Real estate operators

Boom helps grow your property’s value. We integrate with existing systems to increase your property’s Net Promoter Score and net operating income.

How it works

Option 1

Boom SDK

Offer a highly customizable user experience, fully contained within your app. The Boom SDK enables you to customize to your brand, control pricing, and more.

Option 2

Co-branded webpage

Add a new product feature and launch in less than 3 days. Boom's co-branded webpage enables a warm handoff from your product and tracking of user progress to conversion. Get compensated for each checkout.

What’s included

Embeddable component
Development environment
Hands-on support from our engineering and operations teams

Boom reports payments to all 3 credit bureaus

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Why use THE Boom SDK?

Why use Boom’s SDK?

Support your users

Enable your users to build their credit without taking on additional debt, all under the banner of your brand.

Increase engagement

Encourage monthly interaction by your users on their credit journey as they report their largest monthly ongoing expense.

Differentiate your product

Building credit with rent is not well known and its estimated less than 5% of rent payments have been reported. Use Boom to stand out from your competitors.

Grow revenue

Take full control of pricing and offer Boom priced as an add-on, bundled into a subscription, or offered for free to incentive user actions or engagement.


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