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Safest Neighborhoods in the Bronx

Rob Whiting
Boom Team

Finding the perfect apartment in the Bronx can be challenging, even if you’re using the best apartment rental websites in NYC. When you consider that the Bronx is relatively more affordable compared to neighboring boroughs, it’s not surprising that you might run into stiff competition especially during peak season.

When looking for a Bronx apartment, safety and security should be among your top priorities. As with other NYC boroughs, there are neighborhoods in the Bronx that are safer than others. In general, these areas have low rates of violent and property crime, as well as overall total crime.

Here are our picks for the five safest neighborhoods in the Bronx, and what you can expect in these neighborhoods.

How to Determine If a Neighborhood is Safe

For first-time renters looking to settle down in the Bronx, you probably might not be familiar with the various neighborhoods in the area. For your peace of mind, here are four ways to determine if a potential neighborhood in the Bronx is safe:

  1. Check crime mapping services

Before moving to any neighborhood in the Bronx, check out online crime mapping sites. They are free and easy to use. These websites collate crime and police reports so that you can check all the incidents in an area easily. Two of the most popular services online are SpotCrime and NeighborhoodScout.

If you have a particular Bronx neighborhood in mind, simply enter the address of the potential apartment you want to rent in their database. You’ll get a detailed list of all the crimes committed in the area, including the date and type of the crime.

  1. Browse through the number of available listings in an area

Using Alex the Chatbot, check the number of available rentals in a certain Bronx neighborhood. You can use the number of vacant units as an indicator of the area’s safety and security. A high number of vacant apartments in an area could be a cause for concern.

You can also use the length of lease terms as a potential indicator. If residents feel safe in an area, they are more likely to stay long-term.

  1. Pay a personal visit before you move in

If possible, pay a persona visit to a Bronx neighborhood before moving in! A personal visit will give you a firsthand look at the overall condition of the neighborhood, as well as the atmosphere of the area. Do you feel safe and secure while walking down the street? Are the locals friendly?

  1. Talk with the locals

Talking with the residents is a great way to get information that you won’t find online, especially if you chat with the tenants in the building where you want to rent. You’ll get information on how the building is run, nearby places of interest, and an overview of the lifestyle in the area.

If you cannot pay a personal visit, you can also get inside information by using Facebook housing groups. Rentalpaca’s New York housing Facebook group has a lot of valuable information for those looking to move to the Bronx.

5 Safest Neighborhoods in the Bronx

  • Country Club
  • Morris Park
  • Kingsbridge
  • Woodlawn
  • Riverdale

In this list, we compiled the five safest neighborhoods in the Bronx based on the overall crime rate, specifically non-violent crimes.

Country Club

(Average rent: $933)

Located in East Bronx, Country Club is one of the Bronx’s hidden gems because of its amazing mix of gorgeous green spaces, affordable housing options, and beautiful view of Eastchester Bay! In fact, when you consider that this neighborhood is safer than 57% of other neighborhoods in the Bronx, it’s no wonder why it is so popular with young families, retirees, and singles.

Commuting to other parts of New York is a breeze when you are coming from Country Club. Simply hop on the train at Pelham Bay Park subway station, switch over to Line 6, and you’re on your way to Manhattan! If you’re an outdoor buff, a job through Pelham Bay Park or a trek through Huntington Woods will make for a perfect weekend. Afterward, head on over to Barino’s Market for some delicious locally-cured meats.

Morris Park

(Average rent: $1,238)

If ease of commute is your top priority, then Morris Park should be your top Bronx neighborhood pick. You’ll be within walking distance to several subway stations such as I-678 and I-95, which means that Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens are all a quick ride away! The total crime rate in Morris Park is 13% lower than the national average, making this neighborhood popular with singles and young professionals. Many of the residents here are either med students or working in healthcare, due to the proximity to Calvary Hospital, Jacobi Medical Center, and the New York City Children’s Center Bronx Campus.

Morris Park is home to one of the Bronx’s most popular tourist attractions: the Bronx Zoo! Morris Park is also a hub of great Italian restaurants, such as Patsy’s Pizzeria or Enzo’s. For the most part, Morris Park is pretty quiet, but once October rolls around, the whole neighborhood celebrates with the colorful Bronx Columbus Day Parade.


(Average rent: $1,263)

Kingsbridge is located just outside of Upper Manhattan, and this quiet neighborhood is perfect for families, and retirees because of its low crime rate. In 2018, Kingsbridge has a 17% lower crime rate compared to the rest of the Bronx. Aside from the low crime rate and quiet atmosphere, Kingsbridge is also perfect for students because of its proximity to Manhattan College. Residents of Kingsbridge will find commuting easy because of the three accessible subway stations: Marble Hill. Kingsbridge Road, and 231 St.

Since it is mostly a residential area, most of the businesses in this neighborhood are geared towards promoting a strong community spirit. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to parks, such as Ewen Park and Van Cortlandt Park. There are also a lot of great spots to grab a bite, such as Kingsbridge Donut Shop and Taste & Sabor. You can also grab an authentic Guinness or two at An Beal Bocht Cafe.


(Average rent: $1,274)

If you’re looking for a Bronx neighborhood that will feel like home from the moment you arrive, look no further than Woodlawn. There is a strong sense of community that you will find in the friendly residents as well as abundant green spaces. Woodlawn is known as a haven for Irish immigrants back in the 1970s, so don’t be surprised when you find Irish pubs on almost every corner.

Woodlawn is perfect for those who love active weekends. Throw around a baseball with friends at Indian Field, or polish your swing at the Van Cortlandt Park Golf Course. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, McKeon’s Bar & Restaurant is a local favorite.


(Average rent: $1,305)

Since Riverdale is located right beside Kingsbridge, you’ll find that they have the same low crime rate since they are patrolled by the same precinct: the 50th Precinct of NYPD. If there is one advantage to living in Riverdale over Kingsbridge, it’s the great views of the Hudson River that you’ll enjoy in this neighborhood.

Seton Park is great for jogs, picnics, or walks with your dogs. Afterward, make sure to visit the Riverdale Y Sunday Market to find delicious local goodies! For a night out with friends, Bella Notte offers a menu bursting with unique cocktails.

Least Safe Neighborhoods in the Bronx

We have also compiled a list of the least safe neighborhoods in the Bronx based on crime statistics and reviews. Please note that we are not discouraging renters from finding apartments in these areas, we are simply advising them to exercise a little bit of extra caution.

The information was gathered from and

Mott Haven

Mott Haven has one of the highest crime rates in the Bronx, with overall crime rates 146% higher than the New York average. One possible reason is that Mott Haven is more of an industrialized area rather than a residential one, making it more prone to criminal elements.

South Bronx

Another highly industrialized area, South Bronx has a higher-than-average rate of violent and property crime. Overall, it has a crime rate that is 45% higher than the New York average.

Choosing Your Neighborhood in the Bronx

Finding the safest neighborhood for you in the Bronx can take a bit of work, but there is no reason for you not to find an apartment where you will be safe and secure. All in all, the Bronx is a great place to find an apartment because of its diverse neighborhoods, affordable housing options, and easy access to commuting options.

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